European Postgraduate Master in Urbanism Strategies and design for cities and territories

The European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism (EMU) is a joint program that aims to produce highly qualified, university trained urban designers, physical planners and researchers. The EMU program brings together the strenghts and richness of different design approaches and methods, and the long traditions and experiences in urban planning and design of each of the participating universities.

Student work

V. Martinez, S. Bearzatto, E. Candry, F. Cocchiara, K. Sari, E. Gbeckor-Kove, A. Gola, P. Hai Au, Le Hoang, F. Indra, Md Sariful Islam, Hang Le, A. Lokita, M. Macera, L. Meulemans, E. Villanueva, N. Nguyen, D. Nguyen, S. Strigklogiannis, E. Verbiest

Key Issues

the joint european postgraduate master programme in urbanism is focused on a set of key issues (to be periodically reviewed and up-dated) which reflect contemporary challenges within cities and territories. the issues frame the design studios and provide the students with a structure to orient their individual educations tracks.

  • Post-Industrial Sites

    Investigates obsolete and marginal urban areas that provide new opportunities for urban restructuring. The territorial scale, the notion of ‘shrinking cities’ requires re- thinking of the notion of development.

  • Cultural landscapes

    Deals with a number of issues, including conservation through transformation, planning based on revaluation of heritage resources and identity in relationships to globalization.

  • Territories of dispersion

    Deals with the extended use of the territory, including new ways of working and living. New type of settlements, these territories need to re- think types and techniques of infrastructure.

  • Mobility And Network Cities

    Focuses on innovations and development in technology and infrastructural systems which allow for the re-conceptualization of cities – such as urban poly-centric regions, new centralities, urban agglomerations, city clusters, airport cities, etc.


Divergent admission cirteria apply concerning the requirements for the English test in the four host universities, therefore please check the admission criteria on the webpages of the four universities.

For further information on enrollment deadlines and procedures please contact directly your preferred hosting institution.
  • 1Applicants must have distinguished themselves in their respective first professional degrees.
  • 2Applicants should have at least an academic degree which is at least equivalent to a European MSc degree.
  • 3Applicants must demonstrate command of written and spoken English.
  • 4Applicants must submit a project portfolio, two letters of recommendation, a letter of motivation, transcripts of previous education and a curriculum vitae.
  • 5Check the website of the university of your preference for up to date enrollment requirements.