Bucharest 2025 a new paradigm

Bucharest is not an easy city to work with, but once dissected on the urbanist’s table it becomes a very challenging subject. An urban space that lived through NO GOLDEN AGE, an endless accumulation of projects, visions, agencies, political-technological spaces and changing mentalities, Bucharest presents itself today as an almost medieval city re-produced day by day by the invisible hands of the market.

While past projects were clear statements of a cultural and political position, the present growth cannot be related to any visible rationality. The apparent lack of purpose and identity in its evolution is generated by the passage in a Post-Socialist condition that is still not finished after twenty years of transition. Bucharest was not re-born yet, it remains in a comatose state, in-between paradigms. 

The role of this thesis is not to give a definitive answer of how Bucharest should be. Its aim is to provide the basis - a platform for debate, a provocative manifesto for a new approach, a new perspective over the post-socialist realities of the city. The VISION is not describing a proposed GOLDEN AGE. The quality of Bucharest as underlined by this thesis lies in its open character, its appearance as ‘UNFINISHED PROJECT’. 

Matei Bogoescu
Final thesis june 2011
Stephen Read
Daan Zandbelt