De-fragmenting Athens

De-fragmenting Athens

Keywords: Athens- drosscape- wasteland-scenario-post industrial 


The city of Athens underwent a rapid expansion that initiated in the 1950s and 1960s because of the transition from the agricultural to the industrial economy. Today, the capital of Greece is undergoing different transformations due to the shift from the industrial to the post-industrial and informational era.


Dross is the residual of the urban processes, the left-over, in other words the waste landscapes of the territory. The thesis attempts to confront the problem of wastelands, drosscape and brown-fields and research for new tools to deal with them. The main research question investigated is: «How can we re-use the waste landscapes of the Attica basin by combining the needs of both the metropolitan and the local scale?».


The analysis aimed at identifying the dross areas while looking at the factors contributing to their formation and trying to predict the future waste landscape within the specific territory of Athens. Through a historical analysis of the city it was realised that wasted landscapes are formed due to specific territorial conditions and as an effect of the metropolitan scale infrastructure dynamics.


By looking at the drosscapes as a potential for the city, the design used the method of scenarios in order to investigate potentialities and risks. The area of Eleonas, drosscape in the process of attrition, was selected for testing the scenarios. One option is that dross could be reused in order to reconstruct the basic ecological connections. A second potential is that dross could constitute a new centrality for the city connected to all levels of infrastructure. These two opportunities may be combined in an integration strategy serving the needs of both the metropolitan and the local scale. Dross offers the ground for massive change and the opportunity of a new future for the city if viewed as a whole within a specific strategy for the entire territory and not as isolated fragments.


The images show:

1. Dross formation in time linked to infrastructure

2. Current, Short term future and long term future drosscapes in Athens

3. The three scenarios for the area of Eleonas

4. Design proposal combining metropolitan and local

5. Design proposal

Eleanna Kotsikou
Stephen Read
Paola Vigano