FARMIN Paris 2030 - shaping the city with open space

The project FARMIN is a project located in Paris with parallel comparison with Hongkong (derives from FARMAX, FARMIN stands for minimized density).It is about using open space to shape the city. The open space plays a significant role from the hypothesis, concepts to the design. Through connecting the urban envelop of Paris with the green rhythm of Paris by adding a new layer, the urbanized areas can have better access to the green quality networks.


Open space, as a recourse and attractiveness, forms the city. City forms which are defined by open space can consequently make impact on society. While social segregation, which  attributes to  lack of accessibility to the XL open space, social mix can be resulted from a city form which provides all kinds of open space everywhere, especially those XL ones. The concept is to interpret the ecologic principles into an urban version and used to guide the organization and design of the open spaces. The design is about using open space as a backbone of urban development. Open space is used in different ways as centralities, connections, interfaces…in all scale from territory, district to neighborhood. 

Zhang Qinyi
FARMIN Paris 2030 - shaping the city with open space
Bernardo Secchi
Daan Zandbelt
Henco Bekkering