Napoly. Laten-city.

Napoly. Laten-city.

This work studies the transformation of Naples Metropolitan area from 1906 to 2006, in order to understand the dynamics of change and to forecast possibilities for future development.

In 2006 Naples lied on a huge conurbation: the highway reduced the distance increasing the accessibility of the region, without building a clear relation with the surroundings. Subsequently the city sprawled, messing up the previous rural structure; at the same time, the industrial areas produced visible fractures on the territory. The former regional street network was partially abandoned and the rural areas were fragmented, because of the localization of both industrial areas and large-scale commercial boxes.

Two main infrastructures systems overlapped: one is still based on a medieval organization of the territory, with main regional street axis along the direction North-South (Naples-Rome); the other, shaped of an over-dimensioned road network, follows mostly a direction East-West.

The project considers the diffuse network as an important potentiality for the development of Naples Metropolitan Area: it represents an instrument to create continuity between different territorial elements. The spaces free from urbanization “the voids” are involved in the transformation as well: interlaced to the secondary road network they are transformed in “metropolitan court-yard”.

Bruna Vendemmia
Stephen Read
Paola Vigano