recycling Italy

"recycling Italy" workshop, MAXXi, Rome, 17-21 gennaio.


The workshop explored recycling strategies at two different scales.

In Italy there are 13.016 abandoned quarries and 6.650 km of abandoned railways. What if we claim them as a national resource? By claiming all kinds of abandoned landscapes, it would be possible to create a "dross-bank", which will transform wasted land in assets for future transformations.

Tor Bella Monaca is one of the most problematic social housing complexes in Rome. A recent project by Krier proposed to bulldoze it, in order to build a new neighborhood. Instead, we explored the possibilities to recycle the existing one, improving the public space and the residential habitat. A new organization of waste, energy and water management, together with efficient public transports, allows a drastically reduction of CO2 production.


See the video here.

Abrahams, Boyer, Bugarin, Colja, Constantinescu, Fernandes, Jani, Martinez, Raets, Salis
Paola Viganò, Bernardo Secchi