Regional Planning

The workshop project of Regional Planning of the European Master Urbanism, 2008 and 2010, has focused on the Serra de Tramuntana, located on the island of Mallorca, in the center of the Western Mediterranean, with the desire to offer the basis for a project focused on safeguarding the territory and promoting their heritage. It was wanted to define a management strategy in this impressive scenery and, in turn, delicate territory, with a global vision, and at the same time, in sufficient detail to properly fit the following objectives:

Recognize the identity of the various centers and deduce from this the identity rules in order to base any intervention.

Link and make compatible uses with the shape of the territory.

Sort the access to and within the Serra, promoting sustainable mobility.

Revalue the set of heritage resources.

The workshop was conducted in two stages. In the first, we faced an analysis and diagnosis of the territory, from a first hypothesis propositional, after a visit to the Serra and a seminar on the island itself. In part two were raised different territorial scale proposals.

Finally we tried to answer in more detail for each of the areas, issues like:

Designing the logic of the undeveloped spaces, valuing the areas of greatest interest, connecting them with each other; identify areas of potential growth or transformation and their intervention criteria; designing the routes to and through the Serra and propose an interpretation of the whole Serra as a set of cultural landscapes that tell the story of the construction of this territory.

Marti, Arbona, Huysmans, Vilanova, Medina, Moreno, Giannetti, Arias, Bentata, Barroso, Jimenez, Carrillo, Kimura, Hong, Pires, Amorim
Studio project
Joaquim Sabaté, Julián Galindo, Alvaro Cuéllar, Biel Horrach