Tehran has a Coast

Tehran has a Coast 

In a recent future, by construction of the Tehran-Caspian Sea free way, the access time from Tehran city centre to the coastline will be reduced to 90 min. An average car trip inside the city however takes almost the same time. Considering this future infrastructural intervention, a series of possible future scenarios have been formulated for the Tehran metropolitan region:

What if Tehran had a Coast ...

At the first stage, a general regional strategic plan for the new shaping region was drawn in which the Tehran metropolitan area and Caspian Sea delta are coupled up. Next, the new time-space defined boundaries of Tehran (accessible in 90 min) including the extended border towards the Caspian Sea was developed into a Master plan: The 90 min City.

The Tehran metropolitan region is one of the most unsustainable regions in terms of natural resources consumption and CO2 emission. Merging with the Caspian Delta region could make the Vision: The Impossible has come true: Tehran, the Green City: min. Ecological Footprint/ max. Biocapacity.

Hamed Khosravi
Paola Viganò
Daan Zandbelt