Turning Rural:Enabling sustainability in remote settlement patterns in Ireland

This thesis is about the development and testing of an approach that addresses the particular challenges of remote rural settlements, due to conflicting trends of outmigration and rural repopulation, and relates to the planning processes which affect them. Key to this approach is the optimisation of ecosystem services. This is based on the hypothesis that this can inform more sustainable settlement patterns through ecology and economy.


Pic1: This is the development zoning plan for one of the settlement clusters. It shows zones for the integration of ecosystem services of intensive organic agriculture and forestry into the development of the town.


Pic2: GIS Analysis mapping showing the clusters and the land potentially available for new int ensive organic farms and farm houses, discounting those spaces where existing farms may diversify.


Pic3: Projected Growth of Cluster showing integration of Agriculture and Forestry, creating specific living environments and giving the town a stronger identity linked to the land.

Sara King
Vincent Nadin
Paola Vigano