Urban Region Networks (fall semester)


This semester addresses the strategic role of urban planning and metropolitan/regional design for networked city regions. A specific emphasis is given to the role of mobility, transport and infrastructure
for urban transformation and regional development.
The students investigate spatial development potentials at the regional scale, explain them through the analysis of social, economic, and technological driving forces, consider the implications for economic
prosperity and social equity, and examine the potential for effective intervention through spatial planning and design.


Constructing the Sustainable Delta City (spring semester)


The semester will address the necessity of urban and landscape architectonic design of a new balance between urbanized area and landscape, and will consider the development of landscape-structures
in the city as well as of urban settlements in the landscape.
The studio challenges the students to develop a new regional perspective for the project area, addressing the issues of de-industrialization, the need of new spatial and economic perspectives
for the area, the new potential possibilities of the riverfront and docklands, the perspectives of new landscapes (agriculture and urban) the possibilities of urban agriculture and the necessity of a new
organization of water-systems and flood-defense systems.