Innovation and tradition: the School of Venice has a long tradition of urban studies. The analysis and comprehension of the material conditions of production and transformation of the territory have been one of its main contribution. This research has revealed new objects of study and of design: from the ancient city and heritage valorisation, to the territories of dispersion as a new form of settlements. A contribution on the contempory “architecture of cities and territories”, innovating along the tradition, is the objective of the two semesters held in Venice. Design as knowledge producer stresses the analytical and conceptual dimension as a frame for a technically sustainable project. This means a relevant or even dominant consideration to the physical context and contemporary urban structures, tissues and environments coping modern needs with appropriate preservation and sustainability concerns.

The two semesters based in Venice are structured as following:
- design studio, core of the semester, followed by a multidisciplinary team
- lectures and seminars (with internal and external contributions)


More information on admissions for 2016-2017 through the following link

Abrahams, Boyer, Bugarin, Colja, Constantinescu, Fernandes, Jani, Martinez, Raets, Salis