City Design: Urban Planning (spring semester 2014)

This module deals with the characteristics and problems of European urban system. Studio will be combined with courses on Theory of urban project, Landscape and public space design, Environmental planning and Urban economics. Main issues to be considered will be the relation between environment and city, the arrangement of mobility flows (people and goods) in relation to the spatial distribution of urban activities; the design of new residential and productive tissues in reasonable compact cities; enhancing urban heritage and landscape or the improvement of spatial distribution of centrality values and public and private facilities. Barcelona or other main cities use to become relevant case studies.

  · Deadline until January 15th, 2014 ·


Urban Design: Urban Project (fall semester 2014)

This module deals with the relationship between the new parts of a contemporary city, often characterized by their isolation, a fact that has generated peripheral urban areas where the disintegration is dominant, to study the compositional aspects of the urban project, classify intervention methods used in recent urban remodeling operations according to common patterns and analyze new residential projects based on aspects such as centrality, accessibility, services, community spaces, leisure and nature.

· Deadline until June 30th, 2014 ·


Regional Design: Territorial Planning (spring semester 2015) 

This module combines the strategic approach and the physical design, paying particular attention to the changes of the territory. The study is combined with courses on the theory of regional planning, regional economics, landscape ecology, methods and tools of regional design. The projects are based on information prepared in advance, so the students can manage to face rapidly the topic and work on their proposals in depth. The main issues to consider are the approach scenes, the new models and techniques to deal with territorial design, the use of heritage resources to improve local development, the importance of the morphology of the territory as the main criterion of design, or how mobility and infrastructure should be addressed to help regional development with environmental conscience.


Marti, Arbona, Huysmans, Vilanova, Medina, Moreno, Giannetti, Arias, Bentata, Barroso, Jimenez, Carrillo, Kimura, Hong, Pires, Amorim